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Oscar Ferrer - Lead Vocals

Meet Oscar Ferrer, the charismatic lead vocalist who brings a whirlwind of energy to every single performance. With his powerful and convincing voice, audiences are left amazed and captivated by every word he sings. His dynamic range and mesmerizing stage presence quickly win over crowds of all ages.

Having graced the stage for over thirty-five years, Oscar has performed with top acts in both the U.S. and abroad. He knows only one way to perform, and that is to pour his heart and soul into every show, giving one hundred and ten percent every time he steps into the spotlight.

If you could capture lightning in a bottle, Oscar Ferrer would be the embodiment of it. A true one-of-a-kind talent, he is the REAL deal, leaving audiences with an unforgettable experience after every performance.

Dave 'The Snasul' Jacobs - Guitars

Meet Dave, the maestro of fiery lead guitar work and performance, propelling the band to craft a sound uniquely their own. While remaining faithful to the beloved classics they play, Dave's style is far from a mere imitation. Brace yourself for a full-throttle, down-to-the-core, mean and gritty guitar punch at every rocking performance, wherever it may be.

Throughout his illustrious career, Dave has collaborated with a wide array of major artists, spanning the realms of old-school 70/80's concert rock to international reggae superstars. With unwavering passion and musical finesse, he infuses each project with his electrifying energy.

Dave's heartfelt dedication to delivering an unforgettable show at every performance forms an instant connection with audiences, transforming them into genuine participants in the Roll The Stones experience. When Dave takes the stage, prepare to be swept away on a musical journey like never before.

Paul Green - Drums / Vocals

Meet Paul, the heartbeat of the band, whose drumming delivers an undeniable crackle that sets the stage on fire. Whether it's a soulful ballad or a blistering high-energy number, Paul keeps the musical monster moving, maintaining an unyielding backbeat that relentlessly drives the performance until the very end.

But Paul's talents don't stop there; he is also an integral part of the triple vocal backing team, lending the band that full-powered vocal sound typically reserved for studio recordings. As one of the hardest working men in show business, witnessing Paul's infectious energy, rock-solid drumming, and spirited performance is a contagious experience, causing audiences to feel the rhythm and become one with the music. When Paul takes charge, you can't help but be swept away by the electrifying beat and the magic he brings to every show.

Ron DeSaram - Guitar

Say hello to Ron, the newest addition to the band and a seasoned rocker with a true rock and roll spirit. With his dual guitar magic, Ron brings an electrifying dimension to the group. Having been associated with the iconic CBGB's scene and carrying a lifelong love for rock and roll, he infuses the band with the very essence of firepower that has become synonymous with the Rolling Stones' legendary two guitar sound.

An immensely versatile musician with an infectious personality, Ron embodies the true essence of rock and roll. His passion and distinctive style blend seamlessly with the band, creating an unparalleled chemistry that cannot be manufactured. Brace yourself for a thrilling ride as Ron adds a touch of his own unique brilliance to the classic music they play. With him on board, expect a few surprises that will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression. It's true what they say: it's only rock and roll, but with Ron, it's nothing short of extraordinary.

Mitch Mestel - Bass

Holding down the bottom with his lowdown and dangerous bass lines, Mitch keeps the music alive and moving at all times. Mitch can always be counted on for 110% at all times when bringin it on to a packed live audience.

Whether it's his crawling kingsnake bass from the bottom of the swamp or just adding that greasy, snarly funk to the mix. Every show get's the audiences blood pumping hard as Mitch creates his special mesmerizing, rock & roll groove medicine he mixes up prowling the stage.


Doug 'The Grenade' Treen - Sax / Harmonica

Prepare to be amazed when Doug enters the room with his Jersey mojo, for he brings an eclectic mix of Memphis old-school sax honk and powerful down n' dirty Chicago style harp work. Even the band themselves sometimes find themselves surprised by what Doug unleashes.

With Doug's smokin harmonica licks, the band gets a delightful treat that allows them to delve deep into their blues roots and weave in and out of soulful melodies whenever that greasy, irresistible groove is needed. His versatile musical contributions add a layer of richness to the sound, creating an experience that keeps the audience captivated and grooving along with the band's bluesy journey. When Doug takes the stage, you're in for a musical adventure that transcends genres and leaves you longing for more of his unique and soulful performances.

Bob Taylor - Keyboards

Combining melodic elements, honky tonk piano and fat old school organ, Bob adds a shine to the raw rock & roll sound the band creates onstage. Bob is called upon to deliver a variety of keyboard styles and sounds to the groups energized signature arrangements of the music.

His keyboard parts can always be counted on to keep things fresh while constantly inventing himself to compliment the energy. Embellishing songs with his musicality, he keeps the music alive and kicking hard when needed. Bob brings the roll to the rock and roll party!



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